09 August 2013

Pope Francis Encourages Knights of Columbus

Pope Francis praised the works of the Knights of Columbus and encouraged the organization to continue to defend the Faith.  The pope’s sentiments were contained in a letter of greeting to the Knights’ 131st annual convention, taking place in San Antonio.

"In this time of rapid social and cultural changes, the protection of God’s gifts cannot fail to include the affirmation and defense of the great patrimony of moral truths taught by the Gospel and confirmed by right reason, which serve as the bedrock of a just and well-ordered society.  For this reason His Holiness once more expresses his appreciation of the clear public witness offered by the Knights of Columbus..."

"Assuring the members of the Supreme Council, and all the Knights and their families, of a grateful remembrance in his prayers, he cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ."

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