23 June 2012

Summer Hiatus

The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord
1 July
FORTH let the long procession stream,
And through the streets in order wend;
Let the bright waving line of torches gleam,
The solemn chant ascend;
While we, with tears and sighs profound,
That memorable Blood record
Which, stretched on His hard cross, from many a wound
The dying Jesus poured.
By the first Adam's fatal sin
Came death upon the human race;
In this new Adam doth new life begin,
And everlasting grace.
For scarce the Father heard from heaven
The cry of His expiring Son,
When in that cry our sins were all forgiven,
And boundless pardon won.
Henceforth, whoso in that dear Blood
Washeth shall lose his every stain:
And in immortal roseate beauty robed,
An angel's likeness gain.
Only run thou with courage on
Straight to the goal set in the skies;
He who assists thy course will give thee soon
The everlasting prize.
Father supreme! vouchsafe that we,
For whom Thine only Son was slain,
And whom thy Holy Spirit sanctifies,
May heavenly joys attain.

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